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TelView eyes bigger market in Indonesia

The Jakarta Post: Local CCTV equipment manufacturer PT TelView Technology said it would look to broaden its market in Indonesia to rural areas, an executive says. TelView president director Darwin Lestari said Sunday that the firm’s market had grown rapidly, resulting in a significant increase in sales. He said that when the company entered the business in 1994, it could sell only a few dozen CCTV units per month. “Now we sell up to 4,000 units per month. We are optimistic about future market expansion here,” Darwin said. However, he refused to elaborate on the yearly increase in sales. Darwin said that the use of CCTV cameras with better digital video compression techno-logy would allow it to be useful to neighborhood watch organizations, suitable for rural areas. He also cited the importance of expanding the uses of CCTV systems for security purposes to also include monitoring traffic and public areas, as well as to support a disaster early warning system. “For example, CCTV systems can monitor areas hit by earthquakes of areas with severe traffic congestion,” Darwin said after receiving a certficate from the Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) for installing the nation’s largest CCTV camera in Bandung, West Java. TelView installed a 700-kilogram CCTV camera system, which took eight months to produce, on Jl. Padjadjaran. The camera, which measures 4.46 meters by 1.7 meters by 1.6 meters, is 30 times larger than a regular CCTV camera. TelView installed the CCTV system for free to “monitor” the street. It was also intended to be a new landmark for Bandung. “Every citizen has to play their role in monitoring security so it’s not only the responsibility of the local administration or authorities,” Darmin said, adding that he intended to have the Bandung installation recognized by Guinness World Records. - See more at:

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